Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Happiest Place on Earth

While we were in California we decided that it would be fun to take JJ to DISNEYLAND! the only thing that we were missing was Justin. Our first stop of the day was the new Cars Land in California Adventure.
Cars Land was a ton of fun and looked just like the movie. While everyone else was on the cars ride my mom and I stayed off to let JJ run around and hopefully take a nap.

While we were waiting in Cars Land our stomachs started growling... we had forgotten to eat breakfast and although the free sourdough samples and Godiva chocolates helped, we ended up buying a baguette to hold us over.
JJ really liked all of the sights and people watching at Disneyland.
We were able to catch a glimpse of Jill, Grandma, Sydney, Wil, Ben, Braeden, and Brian... we mostly saw and heard Jill though.

Next it was time for my Mom and I to ride, we got to jump ahead in line and use our kiddie swap.
Our next stop was Ice Cream at the Cozy Cone while we sorted a few things out, and sent Brian and Braeden off to ride the Coaster.

Thanks to all of our trips and technology JJ really does know our families and had lots of fun with Grandma even if she squished him and kissed him.
look at that cute kid!

This was our whole gang in Disneyland!

Wil and Brian became fast friends.

Buzz Lightyear was our next stop and JJ really liked it! especially when he figured out he could turn our ship with the joystick

I really love that you can email the pictures to yourself so we don't have to buy them.
My Mom, JJ and I went on again while the rest of the gang went on Star Tours.

Next we were off to Fantasy Land to ride Peter Pan, and Snow White. Sydney and Jill rode in the backseat for Snow white

They were thrilled to have yet another picture taken of them.

contrary to what this picture tells you, JJ really loves Aunt Jill.

JJ decided that it was funny to collapse in line while waiting for Peter Pan.

These two sisters kept bugging us to ride together! ;)
Peter Pan has always been one of my favorites and I hope JJ sees the same magic we saw in it as kids.

 This is the best picture we got of all of us kids, can you tell it was bright?

My Mom and I got to ride the new Star Tours!
After Space Mountain finally opened back up we got to use our fast passes, man I love that ride!

JJ really loves his grandma! 

This kid had an awesome time at Disneyland and can't wait to go back I'm sure!

can you tell his favorite color is orange?
After dinner I went with these goons to ride Indiana Jones, one of our favorites as a kid. We always used to fight over who was going to drive, this time Ben got to drive while the rest of us yelled.

All in all it was a great day at Disneyland and although we tired ourselves out we had a ton of fun!!!


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