Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Golden State

So much has happened this summer and I'm pretty behind on the blog,  I hardly know where to start! At the beginning of June I was able to go to California and meet up with my Mom, Brian, and Braeden. They decided to head to California while my Dad and Spencer had a ton of fun in PERU! it was only fair!
One of our first days in Cali we got to go to Wil's All-Star baseball tournament, we had a great time cheering him on, although JJ wanted to get out and play too!
Wil had some nice hits and some great plays at first base.

Since the weather was nice and warm we got to splash around Aunt Coy and Uncle Fred's pool with the Irvings, Williamsons, and my family. JJ was hesitant at first although he warmed up to the water and loved splashing everyone.

On Sunday we went to visit our Great Grandpa Darrell!
We also had the opportunity to take another 5 generation picture.

Our last 5 generation picture was when JJ was about 4 months old!
The tradition at my Grandmas house is a big family dinner on Sunday, so we made some delicious food, played around, and ate dessert!

Before the night ended we couldn't help but re-create some old family photos... which was way too much fun! I'll be sure to repost them when I have the originals to compare them too!


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