Thursday, December 4, 2014

August Pre Baby

In August JJ and I discovered an awesome castle park not too far away from our house. He loved getting out of the house and running around, even though it was WAY too hot outside!

this kid is quite a character...

In the summer the movie theatre had a cheap kids movie during the day, JJ and I went to see Rio.

Shortly after Justin and I moved to Layton the first time the ogden temple closed and was torn down in order to build a new building. We were so excited to be able to tour the beautiful building with JJ. When I was young my family and I were able to tour the Minnesota temple and even though I dont remember it, it still holds a special place in my heart. 

These boys of mine, man I really love them!

After walking around the grounds we headed over to Farrs for some ice cream, but the line was outrageous so we went to grab some hawiian shave ice instead. 

Sometimes its raining, daddy is out, its almost bedtime, and this munchkin wants to play outside... and at those times I have to say yes. I remember having a standing date with my lovely friend Kat every time it rains to meet inbetween our houses in the street to dance, talk and play in the rain. Rain makes me feel great! the smell, the grey skies, something about it just sets me right and ensures a good day. 

I got significantly bigger after my cute belly pics...

Auntie B and Charlie came to visit Utah and JJ loved having them here! 

Those tiny toes used to be in my belly too, that is so trippy.

Just when you think you cant get any bigger, you can.

JJ and I also discovered a splash pad, yep it was a million degrees but I sat there and watched him afraid of the water then running through it.

We tried to make time to go out as a family of 3, knowing it wouldn't just be the three of us soon. 

 Times up baby boy!


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