Monday, February 2, 2015

Becoming a family of Four

Although pregnancy is relatively easy for me (its not that its easy... but I know it could be a lot more difficult) Labor is not something that comes easy to me or my body. This time around after talking with my doctor we decided that being induced would be in our best interest. Justin and I went to  the hospital at 7 and checked in. The plan was to use something called Cervadil overnight and then start pitocin in the morning, although after I was hooked up to the monitors they realized that I was having contractions 2-3 mins apart even though I couldn't feel them. After watching the contractions for a while the doctor decided we would just start pitocin at 11pm. My water broke at 3am, epidural at 5am, 4cm at 8am, 7cm at 10am, then...

Ezra Scott Hugie born at 11am. 
8 pounds 10oz 21.5 inches long. 

How did he get the name Ezra you ask? well to be honest it's not a very interesting story... Justin had like the name for some time even though at first I didn't like it. Going into the hospital I was convinced his name would either be Owen or Greyson. After he was born and we got a good look at him we started taking and Justin brought up the name Ezra again... and although I was apprehensive at first we knew it was going to be his name. During the first month I had my doubts and kept thinking maybe we had picked the wrong name, but over time I have heard the spirit whisper to confirm to me that we made the right choice. I have tried to learn more of the Ezra from the bible and was very excited to learn that in Church some of our studies would focus on the prophet Ezra Taft Benson. 

I also love that this little guy not only has a strong first name, but a strong middle name as well. We named him after my father Scott, who taught me to enjoy working with my hands, who fed my love of music, shares my affinity for all things Spain or Spanish, and also shaped my love of food. He told us about his travels, showed us other cultures and the things that make them great. He is a great example to me and my boys, and I hope that Ezra knows how much he rocks!

although I was thoroughly exhausted i was very excited to meet this little guy!

The only thing sexier than your husband? your husband falling in love, and snuggling your newest baby!

Shortly after we moved to the recovery room JJ, Kim and Kathy came to visit us and meet the brand new boy. JJ loved his brother although he didn't quite understand it all. JJ got to have LOTS of fun with his Papa and Grandma Hugie while Justin and I spent time getting to know our new addition. 

This little guy slept LOTS and LOTS during his first day or so. He also wasn't a fan of sleeping on his back because the back of his head was really bruised and sore. 

Yep, its awesome! and crazy all at once. we are a family of FOUR!

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