Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A Toothless October

So here we are in OCTOBER, pretty much everything has been a flash since Ezra was born but I'm trying to enjoy the little things. Remember in my last post how I mentioned that we took family pictures? here they are! I'm so grateful to have a picture of all of us although I wish JJ was smiling!!!

Pumpkins made for an adorable backdrop for this little munchkins 2 month pictures.

In October our garden was still going! late in the month we harvested most everything so we wouldn't have to worry about frosts. 

After going to the Pumpkin patch/farm (see later pictures) we carved pumpkins! this was the first year JJ was interested in what his would look like and really wanted to use the saw. 

He was also very interested in taking the candle in and out (fake candle don't worry)

In between sessions of conference My grandma and grandpa Croft came by to meet and squish little Ezra.

There are some days when your entire to-do list can wait just to enjoy those sleepy baby snuggles.

These two goons are closer than ever, and LOVE to play. 

Here is my first picture comparison of the three boys. top left is Justin, bottom left is JJ, and right is Ezra. They look a lot alike especially at this age.

look at those baby rolls, so sweet they don't even need honey.

This is Black Island farms they have a large open field and activities for kids, a huge corn maze, and a pumpkin patch. The only HUGE downside is you have to take a tractor ride to get to the patch and the line was killer long so.... we just picked a few from the bins that were already picked. 

sometimes I just want a picture of my smiling kid... most times I end up with this.

We were also lucky enough to have my family back in town in October, all except for Brian (work-a-holic) They can't stay away for too long, especially when a squishy baby is involved.

We checked out a new burger place in Layton. It's a 50's style diner and has some of the old school things like malt and fried mushrooms.

This picture seriously makes me melt! what a cute grandpa and baby combo. 

GG also came to get in on the fun! these grandmas are great at spoiling our kids rotten. 

How crazy is this? my little brother holding my kid... I have a similar picture of me holding Braeden just younger. it's pretty cute to see these boys enjoying being uncles. 

My boys at Pats BBQ in salt lake. This place is crazy, its a total dive and is way on the outskirts of town but they have ribs the size of your head and real good BBQ. 

I am always grateful that when my family comes that help me make my house more like a home. this time around we had planned to paint my bedroom but once you get my mom started it's hard to stop her... so we ended up doing a bathroom redo also. The paint color is the same as our main living area and makes it feel so much more relaxing and bright.

Here is our bedroom before and after also. I have a current love affair with the color grey so our bedroom was a great place for it, not girly and very relaxing.

The wall behind our bed is a darker shade and the other three walls are a light grey. I absolutely love the transformation although it makes me really want to paint my hodge-podge furniture.

one last snuggle session before my dad left. 

Good-byes seriously suck, but I am very grateful for them visiting as often as they do.

Our last garden haul was a huge one!

Ezra in his blessing outfit. It was worn by one of my brothers too although I cant remember which one right now. 

Halloween!!! for Ezra this year I decided to find a dog costume since he would be in the sling anyway. This year we did characters from How to train your dragon. 

Hiccup and toothless.

This is JJ and his friend Ryan, we are so grateful they're buying a house on the same street too. 

I was Astrid holding a baby dragon. 

TOOTHLESS! I made his costume out of a black sweatshirt and fabric. I had so much fun making it and hope he can use it for pretend now that Halloween is over.

Ezra is two months old! how did that happen, and when did he get so big?!

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