Monday, February 2, 2015

September: Visitor Adventures

September was a busy month for us, although every month is now.

Our first visitors for the month were Ed and Laurieann. I was terrible at taking pictures though so you'll have to take my word for it. This is the lake by our house, the sunset was gorgeous and it was so nice to get out of the house. 

This is how we get grocery shopping done, he HATES the car seat and does lots of screaming so I am grateful for all of the sleepy dust our sakura bloom has in it!

JJ got to go to the zoo with his Memere and Grandpa, and accidentally ran into our friends from down the street and his best buddy Ryan. 

oh look there is a picture of ed! see proof!

While Ed and Laurieann were here we went to the Ogden farmers market and I got Justin to wear Ezra, so SO CUTE!

oh man look at that cute little face! sometime when I get around to it I plan on doing a picture comparison for the two boys next to each other. 

my first successful transfer from sling to bed. 

Our next visitors were GG and Aunt Jill, yes her kids were pretty mad when they realized they weren't coming to meet Ezra too!

JJ loves hanging out with his GG and aunt Jill, thanks for coming!

Last but not least Auntie B came to meet the little guy. we couldn't wait for their little boy to arrive so they could meet each other. 

I decided I would try to keep up with taking a picture every month his first year, and decided that our rocking chair would be the perfect spot. 

I also am trying to get a picture of the brothers together every month, this one is titled "first headlock"

sleepy smiles are hilarious

I'm not up in the morning when Justin leaves for work very often but this time he got to start his day with a visit, and smiles from Ezra. 

The next visitors were Jolie and David Kapahua and their two boys! we got to go to the aquarium with them and Kayden and Jocelyn. 

I could seriously spend all day right here snuggled up with my mini squish.

We also took family pictures at the Hugie house (not ours... i just realized that may be confusing, kim and kathy's) since it was the first time in like 10years or something that all of their kids and spouses and grand kids were in the same place. 

I decorated this little hallway corner and I freaking love it! its so nice to have my cookbooks within reach and something pretty and quirky on my walls. The & is a decoration from our wedding, the Rocket was a wedding gift from my amazing talented art teacher Mrs. P (rockets were kinda my thing) and the hand lettered print is my new obsession/hobby.

The first smiles for mommy. 

this year we "grew" potatoes in our garden... more like they volunteered and we didn't pull them up. when Justin and JJ dug up our harvest they found this awesome hidden mickey potato!

And to finish off the month... a sexy breakfast-making husband. I woke up on a Saturday morning after having slept in to two content little boys and my freaking awesome husband making breakfast! yeah he's the best I know.

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