Friday, February 20, 2015

Part 2: Winter Wonderland

Something miraculous happened this Christmas... This year we had a few flurries but not much in the way of snow on the ground. Just after midnight on Christmas Day the snow started falling (I would know I was awake) and it continued falling until late Christmas night. We were so excited to see the beautiful blanket of snow, and once the gifts were opened and breakfast had been eaten, we bundled up to enjoy the powder. 

The first Order of business was to make a snowman with chalk eyes, carrot nose, and a pretty cool hairdo.

For Christmas my dad and the boys got a GO PRO! and since they couldn't go skiing on Christmas they had to test it out in the backyard. the first test was to see who could hit it with a snowball on our Frisbee cage.

Ezra's first snow adventure was a hit! we put him in his bear suit and snuggled him in close in our Sakura Bloom sling. He loved being close and I loved watching him experience flurries for the first time. 

Seriously, who wouldn't want to squish this kid?

JJ got to go sledding on our mini bunny hill. He had a blast!

JJ was the first to test the GO PRO on his sweet sled down the "hill"

Since the bunny hill wasn't cutting it they took a more adventurous approach, a hill over our strawberry rock wall. 

The snow was a hit, Thanks Mother Nature! 

And we all know what happens when it snows... The boys get the uncontrollable urge to go Skiing. so they day after Christmas they piled in the car and headed up to the mountain. My dad was even brave enough to take JJ to see if he would get up on the skis, he wouldn't this time around but he is hopeful that soon he will!

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