Friday, February 13, 2015

Christmas Day Part 1

We do things kinda last minute in our family and it works for us. So along with all of the delicious food we were making for Christmas Eve we were wrapping presents too!

The sunset on Christmas Eve was incredible!

For dinner on Christmas Eve we do appetizers, potato skins, shrimp, pesto bites, caprese bites, slaw, homemade potstickers, and our secret family cheese ball recipe!

I love having my house full of people I love!

After opening our christmas PJs and getting changed it was bedtime for the boys!

Christmas Day rules in our house are as follows... No getting up before 7 or before the youngest kid (in this case JJ) you can pull things out of your sticking but no opening wrapping paper before mom an dad are up! When we (brian and I) were younger we used to get up really early then wait till almost 7 and wake up spencer and braeden. Then to wake up our parents we went Me first, Brian, Spencer, then Braeden. The cutest and youngest always went last to soften the blow and hopefully pry the parents out of bed. I think this year was the latest we have ever started! 

JJ really enjoyed his light up gun from Santa.

Spencer's big gift was a wild jersey! They've become quite the hockey fans! 

My dad and the boys got a GO pro for Christmas for all of their skiing adventures. And JJ got a punching bag... 

Look at that hillarious little mike wazowski ! 

After presents were opened we had orange bread! (An awesome tradition) and eggs and bacon because any breakfast isn't complete without bacon according to our boys. Then we headed outside!!! 

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