Thursday, February 26, 2015

The start of a new year

This year we had two long weekends in a row because of the holidays and let me tell you, it was awesome! we got to spend more time with daddy then normal and take things slow. Justin and I have realized how awesome it is to have family videos, so our goal is to take more. Not just 30 seconds here and there but minutes and daily life.

 In this moment I was making a grocery list when JJ had other ideas. This time around I took advantage of him sitting still and asked him some questions. This kid is seriously hilarious and he doesn't even try!

These boys of mine have so much fun playing together and sometimes in between the wrestling I catch them chatting, it is priceless.

Every age seems more fun than the last! and right now the giggles and smiles are great!

This time last year I was barley pregnant with Ezra and we were traveling to California for my Great-Grandpas funeral. This year we traveled together with 2 kids! thankfully Justin and I flew together because I don't know if i could have done the first plane ride with 2 alone. Our Sling was a lifesaver, Ezra was asleep before we hit security!

We made it safe and sound to California! we are so looking forward to the warmth and sunshine. 

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