Wednesday, February 11, 2015

December: The Holidays Begin

Our day to day life isn't terribly interesting but these boys of mine have my heart so I tend to take a lot of pictures!

Justin partied a little hard this thanksgiving!

Early on in the month we went to FotoFlySanta where Justin dressed up as Santa and we got some pictures of JJ and Ezra with Santa. JJ really didn't like it at all but we ended up getting a couple cute pictures. 

Since the weather was so nice we went to a local park to see all of the lights, with our friends the Rupes It wasn't huge but the little boys had fun walking around. 

This little guy is getting SO big so fast!

I saw this project online and hoped that it would look good in my house, I loved having such a big impact decoration for only a few bucks. 

I caught JJ trying on my high heels after church one day.

This is what our family nights look like now, a short lesson then games with JJ. 

sometimes you have to get work done, however you can.

Chalk paint has been one of my favorite discoveries, JJ really enjoys painting anything from the sidewalk to the fence. 

Here and there I get glimpses of these two being buddies, and then in a flash it gone. 

One day I saw that my little sis Courtney and bro Aaron were in Salt Lake I just had to see them. Courtney was up here for a few choir performances and Aaron was just along for the ride. So we hopped down to temple square and got to visit with them, I so needed it! I really miss having them close and having dinner over at their house all the time. 

This kid was the hit of the night, and they probably would have stolen him if they could. 

These people, are my people. I just wish I could see the other two Blaire and Shannon!

Sleeping babies just make life good. 

This year we picked out our Christmas tree and the weather was much nicer than last year. Ezra fell asleep while we searched, and we found the perfect tree. 

Justin has more and more fun the older these boys get. 

for Christmas I try to do a homemade gift, and JJ wanted to help me with the project. 

Last year the Looney clan started a tradition of a cookie exchange, and this year was bigger than ever!

Sometimes you just have to get out and stretch our legs. Luckily we found a playground in the mall for days when its too cold to play outside. 

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