Saturday, February 21, 2015

High five for Friday! Feb 20

This week has been an interesting one. There a just some days where you are going all day long but when the day ends you don't feel like you got anything done, and this week was full of them. However I am still grateful for these days with my boys. 

Ezra started using a cup, he can't quite do it by himself and it's pretty funny to see how impatient he gets. 

JJ got this Uno Moo game from his Memere and Grandpa, and insisted we play it for family night. His favorite part of the week is our game for family night. 

I am always grateful for the times when both boys sleep at the same time and I'm able to get things done like shower and occasionally put makeup on. This time I got in both! I was even surprised with a happy baby after naptime. I also got out of the house without kids! Justin watched the boys so I could go to a church activity. We talked about security in relationships, being true to yourself and the importance to taking time to refuel so you can face the challenging days ahead. I am hoping after this that I can find ways to do more of what I love and what keeps me, me so stay tuned! 

On Valentine's Day we picked out a new couch! And had it delivered. We really love it except we're one piece short (long story short the sales guy got it wrong) 

And last but not least my "potions" kit arrived in the mail thanks to my mom! (I had all the big bottles already) And I'm excited to use them, my favorite new one so far is the lemon, since the smell is amazing! 

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