Thursday, February 5, 2015

November: Making Memories

One day in November we decided it was a good night to get out and do something as a family. We went to Boondocks and did some bowling. JJ had a lot of fun once he figured out there was a ramp for the ball. 

Ezra wasn't all that impressed with the bowling. 

Ezra and Saige are just two weeks apart and although Saige is older Ezra has her beat by a couple pounds. 

these boys of mine melt my heart, I cannot wait to see them grow up to be like their daddy.

JJ and His friend Ryan watched the big boys tear down a tree.

Some days you just have to snuggle a baby in order to get things done, especially while big brother naps.

We had quite the array of weather this month, and sometimes when the weather is nice and JJ hasn't whined most of the morning you just have to go to the park. Since we discovered this park so late in the season I can't wait to come back when spring rolls in.

This year for Christmas I made a calendar for all of our parents, I really wanted some fun pictures that they hadn't seen before and we ended up with this hillarious gem that i'll treasure forever.

Lately I have tried to make more memories with JJ, and this time around we made sugar cookies. 

I was glad Ezra fell asleep while we made them and JJ loved getting out all of the cookie cutters and rolling out the dough. Once you let go of the idea of perfect cookies, you can have a lot of fun. 

We had just a little bit of snow here and the boys had lots of fun making their first snowman of the season.

Ezra is 3 months old! and chubbier than ever. 

These pictures are some I used for the calendar also, you can't tell by the picture but it was drizzling windy and cold. 

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