Sunday, March 1, 2015

Back to Where it All Began

It was awesome to be in California again, and to have Justin with us! we enjoyed the extra time to relax and enjoy short sleeves. 

We got to meet up with quite a few of our friends at Panera, Taylor and Janae, Kenasen, Molly, Glen and Breanna, and Becky and Jonah, soon our friend gatherings are going to be a lot louder than they already are. 

One of Justin's favorite things to do when we're in the warm weather is play Frisbee Golf, and La Mirada Regional park is the place to play. We had quite the group playing, Bruce, Marinda and Bronson, Charlie, Becky and Jonah, Glen, Breanna, Alex, Thomas, Sharolyn, and Kai.

We also got to go down to the beach while we were there. These two boys wanted to hold hands on our walk down the peir. 

Ezra thought it was a little too bright out on the peir.

The Peir is always on our tour list while we are in town, It's a special place for Justin and I, we had our first date here, got engaged here and travel back every time for a trip down memory lane. 

While we were eating we realized Bronson's had was getting closer and closer to his Mom's plate of fries, like he was going to try and snag one while they werent watching.

I even got to snuggle him for a bit. There aren't very many things cuter than your own kids, but kids from awesome friends are a close second!

after lunch we headed down to put our toes in the sand and feel the salty breeze on our faces. Memere got JJ to get wet and enjoy the water. 

The last time we were at this beach Ezra was just a little bean in my belly, I am so grateful to be apart of this family of four.

This little boy is such a ham and loved exploring at the beach. I can't wait to come back for more time there and to watch him enjoy this place we hold so dear. 

Chubby sandy baby toes, it doesn't get much better than this!

Grandpa had fun trying to get Ezra to crack a smile, He can be a pretty serious guy when there are lots of people around. 

Justin got some squishing time with Bronson too. 

It is seriously awesome to see your good friends become parents and think that our kids could be just as good of friends as we are. 

I am also grateful for friends who love on our boys, especially pretending with them. 

Memere cuddled with Jonah (the youngest of the bunch) and kept him warm in the beach breeze. 

I may not have a ton of pictures of our time with our friends but we have wonderful memories to tie us over till next time. We seem to always pick up right where we left off, life is good guys especially at the beach. 


  1. Absolutely love the time and effort you put into your family blog

    1. thanks! i think of it mostly as a journal to keep track of everything!

    2. thanks! i think of it mostly as a journal to keep track of everything!