Tuesday, August 16, 2011

More love from Minnesota

I still have plenty of fun pictures from my trip to Minnesota, so here's one last post. First the Basilica Block Party Day 2. On day 2 Shannon Stratman joined our group to see the awesome Amos Lee.

First we started of with a delicious and ridiculously hot blooming onion.

After our "dinner" we moved to the Main stage to listen to Gomez. They were really good! all three of the main musicians sang their own song which doesn't happen very often.

By the time Gomez finished we were itching to see Amos Lee, a laid back musician that can play any style of music he wants from rock to folk. He was awesome!!! I would love to own his new CD. Unfortunately he wasn't the headliner so he played a shorter set then we wanted.

We also watched Braeden and Spencer play baseball.

Spencers team made it to the final game, but due to a few bad calls they didn't beat the Marlins.
All in all it was really fun to watch and cheer on my little bros.

We also made our rounds to all of the necessary culinary stops. One day my Dad, Spencer and I went up to St. Paul to pick something up at my Dad's office. After my Dad took us to one of his favorite Thai resauraunts Ruam Mit Thai. The food was great! we ordered a giant bowl of Tom Kha Gai soup (for my Dad) a chicken and vegetable stir fry, and some chicken satay. In the stir fry the carrots were cut like flowers, so we asked for a tutorial and my Dad even tried his hand at making them. I so can't wait to make a stir fry and use my new trick for cutting carrots.

At home we made some delicious food too! We made homeade potstickers (tutorial to come) chow mein and p.f. changs orange chicken.

My family and I also made a stop at Famous Daves, some of the best BBQ around! I don't mean to brag but we've been to some of the other locations and the one in apple Valley is THE BEST!!!

We even braved the crazy humidity and heat to get a picture of all of us kids together. I loved spending time with my family and can't wait to have some more fun when we all meet in California for Christmas.


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