Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas is Coming!!!

Early this month we took a trip to temple square to see the lights. There were so many people there, and tons of lights. It really helped to kick-start our Holiday spirit!

Justin and I also decided to get a real Christmas tree this year!!! After getting it home we realized there were a few branches in the way of it fitting in the stand. Justin decided to grab our saw (attached to a leatherman) and hack off the branches in the kitchen. My job was to put the lights on the tree. Together we put on the ornaments.

Of course we could not get through a holiday without a DIY project. At the top I made a Christmas candy wreath, it was easy although time-consuming. I also made a simple advent calendar to countdown the days till Christmas. Last but not least I transformed a tablecloth into our tree skirt.

We also made Gingerbread houses with the Abbotts, it was so much fun especially since I have never done that before. We had no rules and tons of different candy supplies, and then let our imaginations roam free.

We hope you are enjoying your holidays as much as we are. We also cant wait to visit California and all of our family and friends there!

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