Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Baby's Room

The last week or so has been quite a whirlwind for me.  Saturday was my last day at work until about 3 months after I have the baby, it's weird to say good-bye to yet another job but at least I'll be going back to this one. Monday I broke one of my molars (It didn't hurt at all) and had to get it fixed, since we don't have dental insurance I was pretty stressed out. I went to my Mom's cousin Fred Luedtke who has his own dental practice in Bountiful and he set me up with a temporary filling until after I have the baby. If you need an awesome dentist in Utah let me know and I'll pass along his number!

In all of the hustle and bustle we've finished putting together the baby's room (so exciting!!!) Here is what it looks like, now all it's missing is a darling little boy (if only he wasn't so comfortable inside my belly)

We got the wall decals as a gift at our shower, they add life to the plain white walls. His closet is full to the brim with toys, blankets, and clothes. We've got the carseat and stoller all set up all we have to do is install it in the car. Look at the adorable bedding! my mom made it and it looks awesome!

I bought this changing table dresser on KSL for 40$ then I painted it a more fitting shade. It took four coats to get a smooth finish. Originally I was going to make drawer pulls out of golf balls (but that didn't happen) I also added some storage buckets to keep the essentials within reach.

I found these hanging baskets at IKEA, they're intended to be used with different rails but those ones were too long. I found drawer pulls that were small enough to fit on the side of the changing table. I have the supplies to hang another set underneath the first but havent decided whether or not to do it.

I just can't wait till this little guy comes! I am getting incredibly impatient and I hope that at my doctors appointment tomorrow I get some good news. Hopefully the next thing I blog about will be this little guy, although I should probably complete my march craft before he gets here.

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  1. Go Hugie family! The room looks awesome :) We're so excited for you guys. The closet looks like it's going to pop hahahha. Hope everything goes great with the little man's birth!