Tuesday, March 5, 2013

It's MARCH!!!

It's March! and it is going to be a busy month in the Hugie house. With Justin's mom, my family, the Irvings, and GG and papa all coming to visit (not all at the same time) Celebrating JJ's Birthday, Easter, and my Mom's, 2 brothers and Dad all celebrating birthdays, we are in for quite a whirlwind!
Yes my Little man is turning ONE! woah... time flies. It has been so much fun to watch him grow up and learn lots. 
From this little cone-headed baby boy...
to our Crazy, get into lots, lovable little man!
I am also continuing my "Hugie Happiness Project" my goals for this month are:
Plan ahead for birthdays-parties
Tackle Nagging Tasks (laundry,batteries for camera, baby proofing, decorations)
1 No TV day a week (I could get a lot more done!)
Disconnect from the Internet (quit checking facebook and pinterest ALL the time)
Meal Planning/Prep ahead
February Recap- I got one project in each week although I wasn't as diligent at blogging about them. Thinking about "Do-it-yourself-er-ing" once a week got me motivated to make time to be creative even if life is crazy and it takes a whole month of morning naps to complete. I have been living by the "one minute rule" and am trying to keep that going from January to keep me more productive. 

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