Friday, March 1, 2013

DIY February: Valentine Postcard

I know it's not february anymore but I  have some blogging to catch up on from my DIY adventures this past month and I new you needed some cuteness to finish off your week!
In February I did a little photo shoot with some red lipstick and JJ to make Valentine Postcards for our family. The pictures turned out completely darling!
For your postcards you will need:
Cereal Boxes
Modge Podge
Adorable Picture
Straight-edge cutter
Corner rounder (optional)
A pen
Before you start you will need to find some cereal boxes, preferably empty but if not you will have some box-less cereal in your cabinets. I got 4 postcards out of each cereal box.

Next cut open your box and cut off the extra flaps.

Place your adorable picture on the outside of the cereal box using modge podge, and put an extra coat on top to seal everything in.

Once the modge podge is dry use a straight edge cutter to trim away the excess cardboard.

You might still be able to see just a touch of the cereal box, but don't worry it adds character!

This is the back of your postcard and the inside of the cereal box.

In order to make it like a real postcard, draw a line down the middle and 3 lines on the right hand side for the address. I suppose I should have put my return address but I totally forgot.

Then address your postcard, write your message on the right hand side, put a stamp on it and mail it! My family loved getting a little piece of JJ in the mail. I would love to do this again especially since it was so easy! and cute!!

If you like you can round the corners to finish it off, which I forgot to take a picture of. It does however take quite a bit of force to punch through the cereal box, picture and the modge podge layers. I also skipped taking a picture of the finished product since I was so excited to get them in the mail.

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  1. That's a great idea! Then everyone gets to see the cuteness that is JJ. ;)