Monday, February 18, 2013

DIY February: T-Shirt Re-Fashion

Last week I skipped blogging my latest sewing adventure. I was on Pinterest one day and found a bunch of tutorials from people who take old, too big or ugly clothes and turn them into something beautiful. I raided my clothes and found this simple white long sleeve shirt that I rarely wore, and decided it had another destiny. I intended on posting a tutorial but I had no idea I was doing... so I forgot to take most of the photos. Here is the shirt before:
The shirt fit pretty well, the sleeves were a touch short and there was a blue stain on the sleeve.

Here is the finished product, not a great picture but you get the idea. Now it is a darling white short sleeve shirt with a hint of girly-ness perfect for spring!
Up next in my refashion adventures see this maternity dress turn into a maxi skirt.

see this too big clearance find turn into a maxi skirt too... and probably something else...

On another WAY cuter note! hope you enjoyed Valentines Day and get ready for an adorable Valentine themed tutorial later this week!

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  1. Really?!? You're a sewing genius. :) I'm excited to see your refashions. If I send you some stuff, can you make things for me? Ha! (No, I'm serious...)