Friday, February 8, 2013

DIY February: Reusable Snack Bag

I am loving this DIY February thing, and can not wait to share an adorable Valentine with you!
This week's project is a reusable snack baggie, which brings out my inner earth momma-tree hugger. I saw one of these (mind you it had a zipper) at Target for almost 10 bucks! this will cost you under that and you can make 4!
Supplies: scissors
Soft velcro
sewing machine
Fabric- I used the same thing the outside of cloth diapers are made of, found in the baby aisle of Joann Fabric. 1/3 yard
Cut yourself a piece of fabric 14 inches long by 7 inches wide.
Fold over your edge an inch (you'll see why in a bit)

If you want you can iron err..."straighten" your edge.
 CAUTION!!! DO NOT, I repeat do not iron the slick side of this fabric, it will stick to your "iron" and since the inner layer melts you don't have to use any bonding to stick it together.

Cut yourself a piece of velcro about 6 1/2inches long and center it on your folded edge. I used steam-a-seam to keep the velcro down while sewing.

Sew a straight line in the top and bottom edge of your velcro to make it look especially pretty.
Repeat with the other side and piece of velcro.

Pin your right sides together and try to line up the velcro.

Sew both sides being sure to backstich at the beginning and top edges to keep it together. To achieve a 6inch finished project sew over your velcro on either side. This will also help the mouth of the bag stay open.

Now turn it right side out and enjoy your finished snack bag, perfect for grapes, and easy for tiny hands to open.


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  1. This is a great idea, Madi! And it would be great for kids lunches, so I could stop buying plastic bags. ;)