Monday, February 4, 2013

Minnesota Lovin'

In January JJ and  I had the opportunity to travel to Minnesota to visit my family. We traveled by plane, since we're pros at flying now. From the second we arrived, JJ got all of the squishing, kissing, hugging and loving he could handle... and more I'm sure. 

Grandma loved, LOVED having JJ around (and me too I guess)

JJ even gave grandma a big, slobbery kiss on the cheek.
JJ enjoyed playing in the Tupperware drawer while we cooked in the kitchen.

JJ practiced walking with grandpa

more fun in the Tupperware drawer.

"Ba Ba Ba, Ba Na Nana.... Po TA TOOOO! oh man I have that song stuck in my head"

While we were in Minnesota JJ switched to drinking formula after we both got the stomach flu and he wasn't getting enough to eat from me. Since he switched to the bottle he has been a lot happier. Grandpa got a chance to cuddle the little guy while he had a bottle.

Uncle Brian sure loved this little guy.
Awwww, aren't these too cute?

The boys decided that their goal was to get JJ to walk while we were there... it didn't happen but they sure tried.

Uncle Braeden and JJ

Everyone loved playing with JJ especially Joycelyn! The last time we visited Minnesota Joycelyn tried to get JJ to smile and it didn't quite work, so this time she tried again and finally got a smile. Visit Joycelyn's blog and see more fun pictures from our time together. p.s. Isn't she adorable? (the correct answer would be YES!)
Uncle Spencer took some time to teach JJ how to properly rock out on the drums!

Auntie Shannon even stopped by for dinner and a quick jam session.
JJ also discovered the piano in the front room. We had to get some pictures, especially since he looked so handsome in his vest, tie, and hat!

Our little piano man serenaded us with some Train and James Taylor.

Last time we were in Minnesota we made some pretty good homemade potstickers, this time we stepped up our game and made them AMAZING! My family has this completely healthy obsession with Chinese food and sushi and if we make it ourselves we can eat it more often!!!
We also decided to get a quick family picture, we almost always have outtakes which are sometimes better than the final picture. It is always great to be home, and see my brothers growing up. We are becoming better friends the older we get, Which is great because we haven't always gotten along so well. It was a wonderfully jam packed trip and I also got to spend some time with my girl Amanda at Caribou Coffee just like old times. I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to spend time with my family and can't wait to do it again in March!!!

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