Tuesday, March 18, 2014

New years with the Harts

After we came back from Minnesota Justin's Mom and Ed came for a visit and to celebrate Christmas with us!

JJ finally realized that he enjoyed seeing what was under all the wrapping paper.

Memere and Grandpa had a lot of fun watching JJ open his gifts and seeing his excitement

Memere got some voluntary cuddles with the little man.

One afternoon everyone went outside to play in the snow.

They finally decided to make a snowman, which ended up having a Mohawk.

of course there were snow balls thrown.

JJ really liked the snowman and looked out the window at him every day, until he melted.

Memere and JJ played hide and seek in his tent.

JJ really liked climbing up the air mattress as Ed blew it up.

On New years Eve we had Kim, Kathy, and the girls over for dinner and games! This was our first "party" at our house.

JJ loved sitting at the table with the girls.

Papa even joined the kids table a little later.

On New Years Day we celebrated by eating some delicious orange bread! This is a Christmas tradition in my family, but why have something this good only once a year?

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