Monday, July 28, 2014

March: Birthday Boy & Spring Break

March was busy, surprise, surprise. With my goal of catching up on the blog before the little one comes here goes! It started getting warmer in March and we really enjoyed being outside more! including going to the park just down the street.

With JJ's two year birthday on the horizon we made a big change! we moved JJ downstairs... I think he slept better than I did, especially since it was quieter down there. This is the furthest JJ has been away from us and he made a great adjustment!

Some days this kid is 2 going on 12... 

For JJ's birthday I let him help me make cupcakes, he really wanted to eat the batter before we baked them.

and he snuck a few bites while I was measuring

After they were baked he got to help me put sprinkles on them, and eat a few himself. 

What a goofy kid!

He liked the cupcake OK but really just wanted to eat the sprinkles 

We got JJ an awesome play house for his birthday but since we didn't have it put together yet we wanted something else for him to open, so we picked out a couple squirt guns to play with once the weather warmed up. 

He was totally excited. 

To celebrate JJ's birthday we went to the Zoo, he thought it was awesome! 

He loved all the animals but really had fun watching the seals.

Later on in the month my family came to visit!!! they've made it tradition to come for spring break every year since JJ was born, and it never gets old!

I don't have a ton of pictures from their trip here because I was busy enjoying the moments with them. They were awesome enough to help us get pretty much the whole living area painted! I cannot believe what a difference some new paint makes! we used Sherwin Williams Sea Salt, which I am totally in love with!

doesn't it look so much brighter?

the whole family got into it, my dad did a ton of things... patching drywall, filling holes, cutting in, and installing our new ceiling fan. 

My mom washed walls, patched, sanded, caulked, cut in, and painted. 

yep I got to help too! painting is one of my favorite things to do!

Spencer enjoyed helping too. 

Braeden helped when he could but JJ was very, very fond of playing with him.

Justin even got in on the painting a bit! although he was glad most of it was done while he was at work. 

JJ always loves having grandma, grandpa and the boys here, and that he gets to stay up late! The boys also spent some time skiing. Spencer and my Dad went 3 times! we ate some delicious meals! including Rodizio, and Red Lobster for birthdays, and just enjoyed hanging out together!

This goon fed grandma ice cream, and was hamming it up!

This is how JJ slurps his noodles... super funny to watch!

what a cute little minion, grandma made him the awesome towel. 

JJ and I made cookies, and when they're too warm to resist they get everywhere. 

Daddy apparently has a hard time getting JJ dressed when baseball is on TV.

Shortly after his birthday and my parents visit we got started building JJ's awesome play house!

I love any chance to use power tools!

Yep March was good to us! Happy 2 years to this little goof ball, can't wait to enjoy many more fun birthdays with you! 

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