Thursday, June 2, 2011

Antelope Island

Today Justin and I both had the day off and didn't want to sit around all day doing nothing. We decided to check out a place called Antelope Island in the middle of the Great Salt Lake. It took about 30 mins to get there and we weren't sure what we were going to do once we arrived. We packed a picnic lunch and ate it in the car since it was pretty windy.

Before we even went into the visitors center we saw four antelope, aren't the babies cute?
After Lunch we walked down to the edge of the water, It's pretty shallow until about 20+ feet out there. Did you know the ocean is about 3% salt, but some parts of the Great Salt lake can be up to 28% salt.

Our next animal enounter was a buffalo. Justin really wanted to get a closer look at him so we parked the car, got out and started walking... (we left the car running just to be safe) but we were stopped by a really marshy area although I'm not sure I wanted to get much closer anyway.
There are lots of trails on the island, most of which were significantly longer than this one. We decided that this one was short enough and it was easy-moderate rating. The only problem we found were the biting gnats... Yuck! luckily when the wind picked up they left you alone.
We found a lizard on our way to the top.

Justin and I even tried out the self-timer on our camera...
needless to say we might still need some practice.

Take 4, fourth time was definitely the charm for us, and justin found an even better spot for us to sit.
The view at the top was absolutely beautiful! it really makes you appreciate the Great Salt Lake as well as the mountains in the backround.
As we were just about to head home we saw this massive buffalo just munching on the side of the road. He didn't even look up as we drove by. All in all we were pleasently surprised by the scenery and the wildlife here on antelope island, It was a great way to spend the day.

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  1. Cool adventure! I didn't know there were buffalo in Utah.