Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Justin!

Today is Justin's Birthday! On Saturday I planned a pre-birthday bash complete with homemade pizza and a cake. I made a pumpkin chocolate chip cake per Justin's request and it tasted delicious! and super simple to make. Then I decorated it to look like a golf course, I used cream cheese frosting tinted blue and green, green sugar for the fairway, gumballs for the golf balls, and crushed ghram crackers for sand. For the golf bad and clubs I used marshmallows dipped in chocolate, mini oreos for the wheels, and the clubs are white chocolate with silver luster dust.

MMMMMM... homemade pizza, my family's specialty

We started setting up the game "Scene it?" but decided that we would rather play apples to apples.

Kim (Justin's dad) Kayden (Justin niece) and Shea (or tayla... Justin's step-sister)

Justin and his cousin Michaela

Everybody wanted to taste the golf clubs and golf bag

Justin really like the golf bag and the cake.

Everyone loved the lovesac, even Tisha (justin's step-sister) and Kayden

Kids and adults alike love jumping into the lovesac!

For Justin's birthday he got a hybrid golf club (no it doesn't run on electricity) :) and some new soccer cleats for when we play Ultimate Frisbee, or he plays soccer.

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