Friday, June 10, 2011

Everything but the Kitchen Sink

After spending two whole days packing and cleaning our apartment we were ready to be finished. But first we had to get all of our stuff to the storage unit. It doesn't make sense for us to take all our stuff just to bring it back here again. Luckily we had some wonderful people to help us which made the move go by quickly.
this is all going into storage...

This is coming to California.

Justin's dad Kim brought his trailer which made it so we only had to make one trip!

Brian Coates really likes jumping into the Lovesac.

Justin and I with all of our moving buddies, Marty &Wendy Abbott,
Brian Coates, and Justin's dad Kim Hugie

To thank them for their efforts we provided pizza, and sent them home with a delicious plate of cookies!

Our bed for the night... comfy right? Well we are off to bed so we can be rested for our big road trip tomorrow!

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