Friday, May 11, 2012

All the little things

I was recently informed at my lack of blogging, the truth is I felt as though I didn't have anything to blog about... of course I do! baby James keeps me busy all day long, and I have about a million pictures of the little guy. All the pictures are in order, the beginning to now. Its hard to believe he'll be two months on Monday (the 14th) I've definitley learned a lot about babies, and myself in these two months. So here's just a few things I've learned...

Breastfeeding sucks (no pun intended) the first 4 days he would not latch on, he got really frantic really fast, and didn't eat much at all. Which is why he had low blood sugar in the hospital, and had to have tests done. Once we got back home he calmed down a bit but it hurt a lot for me. Finally around 6 weeks we got the hang of it and not it doesn't hurt anymore.

Time flies when the baby sleeps! when they're first born they say sleep when baby sleeps but now I don't have that luxury since I have to get stuff done now. As soon as the baby falls asleep its like a timer starts, although you never really know how long you're gonna have.

I'm more awake when I'm not (let me explain) Justin has told me two stories of me in the middle of the night... One night Justin offered to get up with JJ and feed him. I woke up got the bottle ready, pumped, and went to bed. Justin fed, changed, and got him back to sleep. When he came back to the bedroom he couldn't figure out how to turn the baby monitor on. He woke me up, my eyes popped open... and fell asleep. He woke me up again, my eyes popped open and he asked how to turn the baby monitor on. Without saying anything I turned it on and quickly fell back asleep, None of which I remembered in the morning.

Babies go through LOTS ans LOTS of diapers

Tiny person, BIG mountain of laundry. They dirty so many burp cloths, clothes, blankets, and shoulders of mommy and daddy's shirts.

Sometimes you feel accomplished simply when you've taken a shower.

You've gotta find something to keep you awake while you're feeding the baby in the middle of the night. I've started to play games on my iPhone, I even watched some Food Network shows on there too.

When you make them smile, it makes you melt. When Justin comes home from work he loves to play with JJ, mostly making noises to make him smile.  He loves when he can get him to make noises, and when he gets to cuddle with him and take a nap.

They grow and change SUPER fast! Justin says that sometimes when he comes home from work he's changed since the day before.

It's crazy learning to live life while taking care of another tiny person too, but it's so much fun when they start to smile and "talk" to you that it makes everything worth it.

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  1. I liked that picture at the end. That is a good one.