Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

Happy Mothers day to our wonderful Mothers! They played a huge role in making us the people we are today. I am the first of four kids, and the only girl which makes my mom and I very close. She taught me a lot of things like: Sewing, crocheting, How to see the world with DIY eyes, cooking should be simple and delicious, Family is what's important, boys will be boys, Parks women are stronger than you think, and chocolate milk is the breakfast of champions.

My mom and I grew even closer after I graduated high school. We made time to go out to lunch, to the mall and Ikea, to watch Dharma and Greg in the morning, and to be creative. I miss living close to her (and of course my whole family too) but technology makes the distance feel a little bit smaller.

Although she isn't my mother Laurie-ann has influenced my life greatly by raising a wonderful son, and family. She loves to garden, spend time outdoors and with her family, and she swam over a 1,000 laps to raise money for MS.

We will always be grateful to our wonderful mothers for all they do, and to the other women in our lives that have influenced us. Justin's step-mom Kathy Hugie, who has always opened up her home when we came to visit. My Grandma Carol Looney (mom #2) who let me live with her in California, and stayed up till I got home. And my aunt Jill Irving (mom#3) who put up with me tagging along all last summer.

Last of all I am grateful for the reason I became a mother this past march. For Justin and James and how loved they make me feel. I hope you had a wonderful mothers day and took the time to celebrate the women in your life.

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