Monday, May 14, 2012

Take me out to the ball game

On Wednesday night Justin and I (and JJ of course) went to the Salt Lake Bees game for free courtesy of our Pass of all Passes. We thought our tickets were for the grass area in the outfield but were pleasantly surprised that our tickets were actually in the stands.

 It was fun to go to a baseball game and to look up the players to see who was on the angels call-up list. For those of you who don't hear about baseball all the time (I do thanks to Justin's fantasy baseball & MLB TV) The Salt Lake bees are the farm team for the angels. This means that players that are hurt or are extras on the Angels go down to the Bees to play so that they play until they recover or are needed in the Angels lineup. Mike Trout went to the salt lake bees because the Angles roster was too full, but recently returned to the Angles lineup. We're looking forward to learning about the players and seeing which Angels come to Utah for a visit.

Justin loves every chance he gets to hold JJ, and of course share his love of all things sports. This is how they watch the baseball games at home. We were both surprised at how interested JJ seemed in everything that was going on, apparently we should get out more.

We had a lot of fun, and look forward to having many more adventures with our family and friends. Especially our trip to Minnesota in 2 weeks, which will include JJ's first plane ride! hopefully he's on his best behaviour.

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