Friday, July 20, 2012

The Fourth of July

For the Fourth of July I made pasta salad and a family favorite Buster Bars. I saw an idea on Pinterest for how to turn pasta different colors and I just had to try it for the fourth. It really is easy, you simply boil the pasta as normal but add food coloring to the water. I doesn't change the taste, but it adds a whole lot of fun!

For the fourth of july we traveled to Park city to spend time with Justin's Dad's family. In the morning we went to a parade in Oakley, which is a small town up past park city. Oakley reminds me of Lovell  WY where my dad grew up, they have parades just like this one for holidays.

Last of all we watched the Fireworks at the Chatterton's house which is right behind Rio Tinto Stadium (where Real Salt Lake plays) The fireworks were right above our head. JJ didnt seem to mind most of the fireworks except the screeching ones. Justin plugged his ears for the finale, and I managed to snap this picture which cracks me up! Justin is really enjoying the fireworks, and JJ doesn't look too sure of them. All in all it was a fun weekend.


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