Friday, September 7, 2012

California Dreamin'

In July JJ and I traveled to California for my sister (from another mister...and mother) Naomi's wedding! and to visit all of our family there. My mom also made the trip out to there so that we could take a 5 generation picture, which doesn't happen all the time so we had to take advantage of our opportunity.
Aren't these two cute together! I am so grateful we have such a wonderful picture of the two of them!

I was able to attend the Sealing of Naomi and Justin Kaneshiro in the Newport Beach temple, it was so beautiful and reminded me of my wedding day. While we awaited the exit of the darling couple our friends Glen and Breanna Gray got some time to play with JJ. Glen and Breanna are going to school at BYU Hawaii! which is awesome although we wished they lived closer too.

The next day was the Kaneshiro reception, we had tons of fun! There was a photo booth, and they even cut the cake with a samurai sword! (seriously awesome) Naomi looked gorgeous and this was the first time I had seen Justin in over two years since he went on a mission and we moved to Utah.

JJ and I were able to spend an afternoon with Justin's family Memere and Grandpa Ed, Noni and Grandpa Jack, Pepere and Memere Doris, and his Uncle Mike. Justin's grandparents hadn't met JJ yet they had just seen pictures, so they were thrilled to spend time with the little man. The whole family had a blast getting him to smile, and seeing him "walk" with help of course.

This is JJ and his "cousin" Cole Ferkin (Cole's mom is actually my mom's cousin... but in our family they're cousins.) Cole is 2 months younger than JJ.

JJ also met another friend Emma Sommers (Emma's Grandma and my Grandma are next door neighbors and best friends) Emma is about 3 weeks or a month older than JJ, but hopefully they'll carry on the family tradition and be friends for a long time too! and aren't they adorable together, she even wanted to hold his hand ;)

JJ definitely got all of the attention in California, Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of my mom or Grandma holding him. I have lots of of pictures of the Irving family kissing, hugging, and playing with JJ.

Wil was all over JJ and absolutely adored him. He also wanted to hold him all the time even though JJ is getting bigger and squirmier.

Ben loved talking to and playing with JJ, he even got him to giggle!

Sydney wanted to hold him every chance she got and had to fight her mom off to get him.

Our California trip was wonderful, and I enjoyed every moment I had to spend with my family. I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to visit California and have JJ meet all of his family there. We can't wait to be back at Thanksgiving! 
It was hard to be away from Justin for a whole week. Justin and JJ were both excited to be reunited again!


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