Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Croft Invasion: Planetarium & Family Fun Bike

We started our next day of adventures by meeting up with Justin for lunch, at In-n-Out. My little brothers had to come to In-n-Out while they were here.
 Here's a little back story... In our house we never grew up eating hamburgers, even though my dad likes them. When Brian started working at Burger King he had one and soon after Spencer was converted. Braeden is quite the picky eater and while my family was here in March he was somehow coerced into eating a burger (In-n-Out of course) and he liked it! surprised? we were too. A few months ago I decided I was going to make hamburgers for Justin for dinner, he loves them but I was still not convinced. I promised I would try one and I did... It is still not my favorite but they aren't as bad as I thought, so after 21 years of holding out I can no longer say I haven't had a hamburger. What better place to have a fast food burger than In-n-Out?
After our boating adventures we decided to take it easy by going to the Clark Planetarium in the Gateway Mall. The Planetarium isn't huge but we definitely had lots of free fun!
JJ was very interested in this ball (I have no idea what it's actually called) He loved watching the light move all around.

My brothers and I discovered that we could shock each other with our hands on the ball. We had WAY too much fun with this ball.

This was an exhibit where balls were moving on tracks through loops, twists and ringing bells on the way down.  There was even a part showing how you could make balls move upward on a track with a spinning motion.

Spencer and Braeden jumping on "Mars"

Brian walking on the "Moon"

The thinkers on "Mars"

JJ's first time on the Moon!

JJ visited Mars too!

After the planetarium the boys went to see 'Paranorman' and my mom and I went shopping (of course) Later on we met up for some lunch and ice cream. I discovered a chocolate ice cream cone dipped in butterscotch, YUM. JJ has become more interested in food lately and couldn't help but try and get a bite of Grandpa's ice cream.

This is JJ leaning in to give Grandma a hug and kiss, which he did over and over again. (Grandma totally loved it!)

I couldn't help but add this picture even though his face is cut off, he has gotten more goofy lately! this kid totally cracks me up!
Our next adventure was the Family Fun Bike in downtown salt lake. This is a 7 person bike where all of the pedals are configured so that you travel straight even though you are sitting in a circle. This was really fun! we biked around temple square in the street, and had our picture taken by quite a few people.

This is what the pedals look like. Our guide/driver told us that there are 2 bikes here in Salt Lake and the bikes were made in Germany.

It was such a beautiful day and the temple looks so gorgeous against the clear blue sky.
Our last stop of the day was Rodizio Brazillian Grill in Trolley Square. If you have never been to a place like this before let me tell you a little bit about it. This place is Man-Heaven! The only thing that would make it more manly is TV's with sports on. There is a buffet salad bar and unlimited appetizers, although the main event is the meat. The meat is served table side on a sword, yep a sword. The meat is cooked in a giant rotisserie, brought around piping hot, and you can have all you want until you need to be rolled out the door.

These are their Meat-Coma faces, we ate so much food!

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