Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Croft Invasion

My family was able to come out to Utah for a week at the end of August to visit our family... let's face it they were here to smother JJ. We were excited to get out and explore since the last time they were in town JJ was only a month old. They drove the whole way here from Minnesota, although they took time to stop and visit our friends the Hawkes in Denver for some fun on the way.
 For their first full day we went up to The Hugie's house in Park City to explore there. First we rode 4 wheelers around Justin's dads house by Rockport Reservoir. On the first ride Justin and I rode together and my brothers Brian and Spencer each drove another ATV.
Pictured above is Spencer driving the blue ATV.

Justin and I rode together on the red ATV.

This was the view from the top of the mountain, isn't that incredible?

That's Brian in the front on the green ATV.

On our ride we saw a big buck, can you spot it in the picture? it's over on the left by the trees.

After returning from our first ride I told my mom about some awesome sun bleached wood Justin and I discovered on an ATV ride a couple weeks before. Since my mom and I are avid Do-it-your-self-ers we decided to go rescue the wood so it can be put to good crafting uses. (can you tell I'm addicted to Pinterest yet?)

We brought along my dad and brother Brian to help us haul the wood up on the ATV's, We got some great pieces and I so can't wait to make something AMAZING!

After eating lunch and playing around a bit, we took the boat our for a spin and went tubing, skiing and wake boarding.

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  1. FUN! But...what are you going to do with the wood?!? I hate the suspense! ;)