Thursday, September 13, 2012

Croft Invasion: A Day On The Lake

After our ATV adventures, lunch and a nap for the little one we got suited and sunscreened (although I was already fried) and headed down to Rockport Lake just down the mountain from the Hugie house.

 Braeden loved rocking the flag since it was orange (his favorite color is orange)
The boys took the boat out for a while before my mom and I joined in but the first to show off their skills for us was Spencer. He got up the first few times but was having a hard time staying up, and then it clicked and he was loving it.

This is Spencer's headshot, I don't think he even realized i was taking it.
I was up next, and was pretty nervous since I hadn't hit the water since the beginning of High School. Kim (Justin's dad) told me I needed to do a dive into the freezing cold water. That's what I'm doing in the top right picture I am preparing for my dive (can you tell I watched the Olympics?) I did pretty well on the wake board, although when Kim hit some waves I crashed hard.


Brian thought it would be cool to take a picture of the clouds reflected in his glasses, I think he just wanted a cool picture of him ;)

Next Brian decided to show off on the water skiis, he rocked it weaving inside and outside of the wake and showing off his one-handed riding skills.

The first pair on the tubes were Spencer and Braeden, as you can see in the top picture Spencer was much more excited. Braeden didn't look so sure of the whole thing and after even denied enjoying it at all.

He was happier once he was back on the boat, with his glasses on.

We even made a few seagull friends, and shared our bugle chips with them.

Our next pair on the tubes was Brian and Justin, who were psyched to crash and bump each other all over the lake. They had a ball out there trying to flip each other and Kim was enjoying whipping them outside the wake.

When Justin and I decided to try our hand at tubing he decided he wanted a kiss, notice the 90/10 effort split here...
Justin decided to show off by "surfing" on his tube, and then I decided to show off although I didn't last nearly as long as he did.

This is the picture they got of my massive wipeout!

Spencer decided to give tubing another try with Justin since he couldn't go fast enough paired with Braeden.

On our way to the beach Braeden decided to take a leisurely ride, since neither one of us wanted anything extreme. Braeden even admitted that he had fun, even though he didn't want to get back on after his first ride.

The boys dropped off Brian and I at the beach to head back to the house on the ATV so I could feed the baby. When we got back to the house there were pizza's waiting for us.

As soon as dark hit we went down to the fire pit and made smores, Brian developed a new technique of melting the chocolate on the cracker while roasting the marshmallow to toasty perfection. It tasted wonderful, although it got everywhere!
We had so much fun on the four wheelers, boat and making smores, and are so grateful to the Hugie's for letting us invade their house for a day!

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