Wednesday, November 7, 2012


At the beginning of October The Harts and Kapahuas came to town! Over the long weekend we crammed in quite a bit, One of the things they did was to go to the USC vs. Utah game. Ed went to the game and got to sit on the 6th floor media level. Becky and Justin were able to go to the game and they got dressed up to show their support!
Memere and Grandpa even brought JJ his very own USC jersey!

The next night Justin, Jolie, Becky, and Kim went to the BYU game.

We also had a chance to go to General Conference on Saturday Morning, since we had JJ we were only allowed to sit in the top of the Tabernacle but at least we were there. Justin got to old JJ while he napped, which is a rare occurrence since JJ doesn't like to sleep unless he's in his bed.

We even got to see some of our friends from California that traveled up to see Conference. The day was gorgeous, nothing but blue skies and warm weather.

We also had lots of time to play! Makua loved giving JJ a hug and trying to play with him, one day they'll be able to play and be great friends.

We also had a mini photo shoot since JJ and Makua were both in their USC jerseys.

Since the weather wasn't too cold we took JJ out on the swings at the Hugie's. He absolutely loved it! he giggled a bunch!

We are so grateful to have such wonderful families and to be blessed to have them visit so often. See you at Thanksgiving Harts and Kapahuas!!!

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