Monday, November 5, 2012

The Croft Invsion: Temple Day

I have quite a few events to catch up on here on the blog. Life has been going a million miles an hour lately, so here's my throwback to wrap up the week my Family was here to visit at the end of August. 

One of the last things we were able to do with My family was to visit the beautiful Brigham city before the open house. My Little brother Braeden had never been inside a temple before, and neither had JJ (of course) so it was a special experience to walk through the BEAUTIFUL rooms. It also gave us an opportunity to remember that our families are forever. No matter how crazy my brothers get I'm always grateful to be "stuck" to them forever. Justin and I loved being able to walk through the temple with JJ and remember that just two years earlier we were separate people, and then we became a family.

The day was picture perfect! and most of our shots look like they belong on a postcard.

If you noticed that Brian was gone you were right, he flew back that morning.

This is the Tabernacle across the street, it is such a gorgeous old building still in use for church meetings today.

I am so grateful my family was able to visit and am anxiously awaiting the next time we get to cause trouble together!

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