Sunday, July 26, 2015

Ezra's First Bees Game

One of our favorite things to do in the summer is to go to the ball park and watch the Salt Lake Bees play! This time we got to go with Papa Kim and Papa Chatterton down to Salt Lake for a baseball game. Our first stop was the Red Iguana, a really cool mexican dive restaurant. The atmosphere colorful and cramped place with the smells of delicious spices wafting throughout 

Next we were off to the ball game, and couldn't wait to see who was on the roster today.

This boy was so ready to catch a foul ball, and although none came our way it was adorable to watch.

This was Ezras first baseball game, and although he enjoyed people watching he understandably wasn't very into the game. 

Part of the reason we love going to the Bees games is that we often get to see the Bees players on the Angels or the Angels players down with the bees. We've even had a signed ball from a player that has hopped back and forth from the Angels Luiz Jimenez!

Is this not the cutest thing ever?!?

This little one of ours fell asleep and stayed asleep until the end of the game got exciting.

All in All it was a great trip to the ballpark and we can't wait to go again!

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