Friday, July 17, 2015

The BIG 3-0

June was a pretty busy month around here and as usual my pictures are in no specific order. Ezra got his first haircut! I only trimmed the crazy long hairs that he never lost when he was born and the wispy ones over his ears. He did really well and didn't cry as much as JJ did his first time.

This crazy child got a haircut too! he looked a lot older when we chopped off all of the curls. 

JJ has enjoyed going to the library for storytime, and loves when he gets to make friends. JJ and this little girl hit it off and spent quite a while coloring and reading together. 

Meal planning is made easier with lots of inspiration taken from library books. 

Our first poppy! they don't last very long but they are so bright and happy. 

Ezra figured out how to use the water bottle, and now I have to share my water with two thirsty boys!

JJ and I went out on a date, and picked up a few extra plants for our garden. He insisted on "driving" the basket around... watch out!

After shopping for plants we went out for dipped cones. JJ had never had one before and really enjoyed getting to crunch into the shell outside. 

The park has been a hit this summer and a great way for us to get out of the house with friends. 

These boys of mine always find a way to have fun no matter where we are.

June means delicious homegrown strawberries! they are so great and we had so many we'll have jam to last us the rest of the year!

There isn't a whole lot cuter than a sleeping baby!

"Mom! take our picture! I'm holding Ezra!"

When we go out for sushi/chinese JJ's favorite part is the broth soup they bring out before your food. 

This time around JJ decided he wanted to try sushi. Although it looks like he's spitting it out he is enjoying it, and struggling to bite it in half. He declared that he was now "Daddy's sushi buddy."

Ezra's favorite face to make!

Look! one tiny little curl on Ezra, maybe he'll have curly hair like his brother.

For our last stake conference we had it at the tabernacle next to the Ogden temple, it wasn't a great time (3pm) but It was great to walk around and show the boys the temple again.

The last time Ezra was here he was in my belly, this time I got to squish and kiss him amongst the beautiful grounds

One of JJ's favorite things to do outside is to paint with chalk paint on the sidewalk or chalkboard. 

Truth be told I enjoy it too!

This shirt is from my Dads hometown of Lovell, Wyoming. There couldn't be a cuter bulldog!

The splash pad is exhausting... even if you're just watching big brother.

June also means this awesome mans birthday! For his birthday this year he got a swing and has sat on it almost every day since! We are so grateful for this wonderful husband and father in our life, 30 is going to be a good year!

In case you had any doubt he was mine...

Ezra is definitely a daddy's boy, and whats better than a babywearing dad? not much.

Since I have an obsession with ring slings, and my budget says no to buying more. I decided I would make one, our first test went well. The real fabric comes later.... If you're interested in one too let me know!

See I told you he's all about daddy.

And surprise, surprise... so is this one!

A little tree-hugger in training!

We got to watch, a neighborhood kick-ball game! so much fun!

This man of ours has the biggest heart and muscles to match!

Pictures to mark Ezra at 9 months. (yes this belongs in may but I don't have time for that!)

A quick football scrimmage with daddy.

This baby right here is a 1970(ish, its a guess) record, 8 track, and radio with speakers built in. I rescued it off the side of the road and hope to revamp it here soon!

One of the boys favorite mini adventures was to set up our tent for the first time and play in it. 

After dark they brushed their teeth and headed out to the tent for some bonding and hopefully sleeping...

JJ loved being out there but didn't sleep one bit, and around 1-2 they both came inside so they could finally get some sleep.

Ezra at 10 months! he is getting so big!

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