Wednesday, July 8, 2015

April-May Hodge Podge

Here are some more pictures from our life in April. Look at these boys of mine! they both adore their daddy almost as much as I do. 

Sometimes life is hard and full of tantrums, and you just need to play out in the rain.

Ezra hanging out at grandma and papas house, he wasn't sure at first but loved swinging by the end. 

Z also got to spend some time with Aunt Sue.

Sometimes a messy living room is just a photo-op waiting to happen.

This is Scarpy the dog, he has become JJ's favorite toy (he is also a puppet) and he entertains everyone in the house!

Going for a walk while the sun is out.

One day I decided to check out the Salt Lake Shoreland preserve. After seeing awesome pictures on Instagram I knew we just had to check it out. We had a great time although the walk to the lookout tower took way longer than we were prepared for. 

Ezra took a nap while we walked to the look out tower.

Joyce hung out with us before she headed up to school in Idaho, and was brave enough to come with me to the Garden Center (we love J&J's) and try to help me make up my mind on what plants to buy for the garden!

Later on that month we got to hang out with Melanie and Jenny two awesome friends we don't see nearly enough of! This time around we met up at Wheeler Farm, which I can't believe we never visited while we lived close.

After meeting all the baby animals, we decided it was time for Chinese for lunch!

After daylight savings time these boys of mine were all out of wack and getting up at the crack of dawn. Sometimes its worth the ridiculously early mornings to get a little snuggle time. 

Also these two getting along in close proximity melts my heart.

Our first lettuce harvest was fun! and it was great to see what varieties we planted in our mix.

Now that I'm most the way through these pictures I am realizing it looks like Ezra spends all of his time snuggled up in the sling, but don't worry he doesn't. Sometimes when you have to get things done and a certain mini NEEDS to be held you have to do what you have to do. When I put him on my back (he isn't really a fan but its the only way I can cook and hold him, he peers around my arm to see what is going on and hopes for food scraps.

Our first trip to the library was cool, JJ wasn't quite sure what to do at first but once he figured out he could look at all the books he enjoyed himself. I went straight to the section with cookbooks for some dinner time inspiration.

Another highlight of the month was the aerospace museum, we don't go very often even though its close to home. 

This little monster grew 2 more teef!

I am convinced that Ezra likes Justin better, just look at those snuggles!

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