Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Antelope Adventuring

Our next set of spring breakers that came through were GG, Papa, and the Irving family. (there are lots of pictures ahead so grab a snack, and enjoy)  One of our first adventures was to go to Antelope Island. Now i know what you're thinking... an island in Utah? I can assure you it's real, located in the great salt lake Antelope island houses tons of wildlife including Bison and of course antelope. 

Before we started adventuring we went to the visitors center to learn about the different wildlife, the water level in Utah over the years and the reason there are buffalo out there. 

After learning what not to do around around a bison, we went off in search of some. as first we found some and a group of antelope way in the distance.

Then we tried to go on a hike... and grandma that was the only one who "completed" it. I'm pretty sure she just wanted a picture so she could say she was the only one who finished. The reason we didn't get to hike at all are these absolutely annoying, teeny tiny biting gnats, yes you read that right. BITING GNATS! I am convinced these are the worst bugs on the planet, they are tiny and seemingly harmless, until you feel the bites and start to itch all over. The worst part about it is Bug repellent doesn't keep them away! (I am just itching writing this) and I have never encountered these terrible things anywhere else in Utah, and hope I never do!

After itching all over and dashing back to our car we drove around in search of a bug-less place to have a picnic. While we searched we drove past some bison, and thought it was awesome we were able to be so close. 

After an unfruitful search we returned to the visitors center parking lot and ate out of the back of the cars. 

After lunch on the island we headed to downtown Salt Lake City, more specifically temple square. The grounds around the temple and other buildings are always beautifully landscaped and the tulips are as big as your head!

Ben and Wil really liked playing with Ezra when JJ wasn't demanding their attention. 

We decided to take the whole lot of us out bowling, and had a blast. 

JJ even had some good shots with the help of aunt Jill and the ramp of course.

This is what happens after Justin comes home from a day at work to boys that just want to play.

Easter morning we got to watch the kids open their Easter baskets! 

Look at this Chubby guy!

JJ really liked hunting for eggs this year, and eating all of the pieces of chocolate he could sneak. 

Lucky for JJ, Ezra was only interested in the eggs.

After our delicious food and dessert we dyed eggs.

This year we tried something new, you take a Tupperware and put some rice and a few drops of food coloring in and shake the egg until its speckled the way you want, then add a few more colors for an awesome egg!

Bottoms up! (we also used super concentrated kool-aid for dying eggs)

The Godfreys have a bunny, and we thought it would be cool to get a picture of Ezra with it... yeah neither of them were having it. 

No one can resist the feeling of flying on a trampoline, or an awesome picture in the air!

Joyce was the only one that nailed her pose every time, I think she practices when we aren't around. 

Sometimes you just have to enjoy the snuggles even though the little squish should be napping. 

My awesome shopping buddies!

We were loving all of the warm weather and the time we got to spend outside. 

Since we got our bikes (Thanks Mom and Dad!) and trailer we had to get out of the house and take the boys on a bike ride. Let me tell you pulling those hefty boys of ours is no easy task, and Layton is not flat. 

This one turned 8 months!

What a character!

This little ragamuffin got a haircut, and I used the scissors... and it looked awesome!

JJ always asked to feed Ezra and finally one day we gave in... the result was hilarious, messy and heart melting!

JJ was so proud being able to help, and Ezra was a little confused at all the laughter.

Needless to say this one needed a bath big time after JJ fed him dinner.

Our planking baby. 

Ezra rocking his hand-knit socks by my high school partner in crime "Tank" Caitlin. aren't these the cutest socks?!

One day I needed to keep my hands busy with art, and I tried my hand at a picture recipe and I kind of love it! I hope to make a few more!

another one of natures practical jokes... not funny!

We decided to make the best of our time while Ezra napped so we had a snowball fight and when our jackets were soaked we came inside and had snow cones.

After daddy got home from work we all ventured out for a romp in the white stuff. 

I wish I would have gotten a few more pictures, but life (and phone batteries) get in the way. 

What a beautiful view of our mountains! I never thought I would live so close to mountains in my life. 

This little one busted out his first 2 teeth! complete with tons of snot and drool. 

In my attempt to get active, I biked to the park with the boys... and what I learned is I am not in shape... 

While Joyce was here she helped me plant our early plants in the garden, we planted onions, lettuce, spinach, and peas. and right after our snow melted we found these tiny adorable sprouts!

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