Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Brothers and Changes

I have tried to take a picture of Ezra, and one of both boys each month since he was born and although I've succeeded I haven't been good about posting them for the rest of the world to see. Here are some I took at 7months. 

Here is a super cheesy picture of me since I was so excited to finally be using power tools again. next is what the downstairs family room looked like before. 

This is the after, now there is enough room for a TV and we are excited to use this room more often. 

We also got new couches upstairs! now when people come over we have enough room for them!

You cant beat the early spring weather we had around here. keeping this kid close in our sling is one of my favorite things. If I had the funds I would have at least a few  more slings, but for now this is our one and only.

After sending pictures out to my family my aunt texted me pictures of myself when I was little that she said look like my boys. They definitely get some of their good looks from mom! especially those big brown eyes!

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