Friday, June 19, 2015

Croft Family Pictures

While my family was in town we decided to take some pictures at a lake near our house, since the last family pictures we took I was barely pregnant with Ezra. Look at these awesome parents of mine! I am so grateful for them and love seeing them enjoying their Grand kids!

Don't we all clean up real nice?

My Mom, Joyce and I. While we were out shopping one day an employee asked if we were her daughters (we were having a little too much fun shopping) and my mom said yes, and pretty much. yep she's one of us! These ladies are two of my favorite, just wish we lived closer!

This is the kind of picture you get when you have lots of hangry boys on our hands, that need to have a rock throwing contest in between shoots.

I'm grateful for an amazing family, knowing they're mine forever and seeing them just as often as we can possibly stand. 

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