Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Spring Breakers

Family Round Two! next up for their yearly spring break and skiing pilgrimage to Utah is the Crofts. They started coming to Utah in March the year JJ was born and they don't plan on stopping anytime soon (at least they better not)

For JJ's birthday my Mom made him superhero capes and masks, because he is on a major superhero kick lately!

With the whole getup on I thought he looked a bit like a Captain America mixed with a hobbit. 

He loved using his shield to defend himself from bullets. He even asked if the shield would come back when he threw it, and was disappointed when he learned it wouldn't.

Joyce got to come too! before she headed out to school in Rexburg.

My Dad has this thing for Kneaders syrup, it reminds him of his mom's cooking. Now if you haven't been to Kneaders their syrup is this caramely-mapley-delicious-ness that will start you on a sugar high. Since my Dad normally drinks it we decided to fancy it up a little with a lime garnish and a straw.

Red Lobster for Grandma's Birthday dinner after we took family pictures (you'll get to see those later)

We have almost this same picture of JJ feeding grandma ice cream from last year (?) 

As an early birthday present to Justin my parents set him up with a bike and a trailer for the boys!

Grandpa had to do a few laps with JJ to test it out and make sure it worked.

The next day Justin gave it a whirl with Ezra, whose first reaction was stunned which shifted into a smile after a bit. 

Our time was up, and although it's never a long enough trip I'm grateful I get to see them as often as I do. 

Here is my little baking buddy, every time he doesn't want to be on the floor and I'm busy cooking I put him in the sling on my back with a spatula to keep him occupied and safe. 

I didn't take before and after pictures but we painted the shutters black (they were white) and ripped out a terrible ground cover in the flower bed and planted prettier flowers and herbs.

I even got to try my hand at the bike trailer. Its nice to get out there but it sure is heavier pulling around these two tanks. 

Ezra has finally decided that sleeping on his stomach with his legs curled up is the way to do it. 

After my family left we spent some extra time with Joyce and we all loved it! she even got the hang of carrying around Ezra in the sling.

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