Tuesday, June 9, 2015

1. 2. 3. BIRTHDAY!

March always bring lots of birthdays around. JJ really loves being in the kitchen and although things take much longer and are SO MUCH messier I love seeing him helping out. He picked out what kind of cupcake and which sprinkles we would use, sprinkles are the most important part you know. 

After we were all mixed he put the liners in, and even helped me dish them up.

We are grateful for everyone who helped us celebrate at home and via the internet. This kid could hardly wait for us to sing to dig in to these cupcakes.

Happy Birthday Crazy kid! 

Justin's gift to JJ was making giant homemade linkin logs from leftover cardboard rolls they have at his work. It took a lot of time but seeing the pride on Justin's face and the excitement on JJ's made the moment even sweeter. 

I made JJ a backpack with superheroes on the inside, it turned out great and he loves using it!

Memere and Grandpa came for a visit and loved reading books and playing with our boys. 

Uncle Mike and Aunt Brittany even came to help celebrate JJ's birthday and squish the little man. 

Since the weather had been so warm and wonderful we decided to get out to the Zoo and enjoy the new (to us) African Savannah area.

JJ made a new best friend at the Zoo and had a hard time leaving him behind.

We had an awesome time watching the sea lions show off for us. 

JJ loved the view from the top of Grandpa's shoulders.

Ezra didn't want to nap since everything was too interesting, but as soon as he had a new friend to cuddle he passed out!

Thanks for taking me and these crazy kids to the Zoo Memere and Grandpa!

It isn't often anymore that I get time with just this little boy. To show him a little extra love we went out for ice cream at neilsens frozen custard, one of our favorites here and bonus it reminds me of Minnesota. 

This kid is so Goofy, and will do anything for a laugh!

JJ has also recently started loving chalk, which is one of my favorite things to do in the summer. I am so grateful we have this house to be able to do things like this!

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