Thursday, June 14, 2012


Remember how I made a new years goal to do something crafty once a month?... yeah having a baby really throws a wrench in the mix, with trying to sleep and be slightly productive at home it doesn't leave much if any "crafty" time.

 In March I got an offer for a free photo book from which gave me the kick in the butt I needed to get pictures together right after JJ was born (top left) It turned out exactly like it looked online, I will definitely be making more of those!

In April (and the beginning of May) I put together calendars for mothers day with the help of The calendars turned out awesome! I totally want one for myself now, and plan on going back to their website for more photo gifts. (bottom left)

Now its June and I haven't had to push myself to craft as much as the previous months. Thanks to Pinterest and a visit to my high school art teacher I've made two projects already! First I made a knotted headband I saw on Pinterest (bottom right) The project inspired by my art teacher Mrs. Porter is the pop can bow (top right) She makes pop can flowers, I wanted to start making them but my edges weren't as nice since I don't have a die cut machine. In the mean time I'll stick with hair bows which I am excited to sport at work, and everywhere else lets be honest. 
p.s. I plan on selling the pop can hair bows so let me know if you'd like to buy some and if so which soda type.

Here is a tutorial for the Knotted Headband that I originally saw on Pinterest:

Cut two strips of fabric, mine were 2.5" wide and about 24" long ( I didn't measure I'm just guessing) The thicker the strips the chunkier your knot will be.

Take your first piece and cross the right end over the left. then place your second strip on top.

Next take the 1st strips right tail over your second strip.

take the left side of strip 2 and place it under the loop of strip number 1.

Now take the right side of strip 2, place it over the loop in strip 1 under strip 2 and back over strip one. (I hope that made sense)

your knot will look like this, all you have left is pulling it tight.

Here's your finished knot

Now measure your head and cut the strips with enough left to overlap, then use your trusty hot glue gun to stick the ends together. Last cut a piece of fabric and glue over the exposed ends.

Now enjoy your new headband! and happy crafting!


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