Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Visit From Memere and the Crofts

This past week Justin's mom Laurie-ann (also known as Memere) came to visit. For those of you who aren't familiar with the term Memere (pronounced Meme) it is used as grandma on Justin's mom's side of the family. JJ really enjoyed all of the extra attention, and Memere loved all the smiles from the little guy. It was great to have her here to visit and to help us in transition. Last Monday I went back to work at Sonny Bryan's Smokehouse BBQ. It's weird going back and re-learning everything, and leaving JJ, but he's in good hands with daddy.


While Laurie-ann was here we went to a Salt Lake Bees game (free tickets thanks to our pass of all passes) We love going to the games, the stadium is nice, tickets are affordable, and we might get to see some of the Angels play.

Last week my Grandma and Grandpa Croft came to meet the little guy. They were in town visiting some other friends and family and stopped by for a little while. JJ definitely got lots of attention this past week.

JJ has found his hands! He loves to suck on his hands and has even begun to bring toys to his face. He has also started teething,which means LOTS of drool (we're talking soaked shirts) and fussiness.

Look at this little guy lounging in his Bumbo chair. JJ loves to watch sports on TV with daddy, especially basketball and baseball. Which is good since we have those on most nights.

Just one more picture. Since JJ loves to sit up and we like to eat dinner while it's still hot we've made him part of dinner time. We put him in his Bumbo chair with some toys on top of the table so he can see us and we can enjoy dinner as a family. It will be nice when he's big enough for the high chair too!


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