Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hugie Happiness Project

I started writing this post and realized it didn't have a single picture in it, so I quickly added one of these tiny little toes...
Last year sometime I read a book called "The Happiness Project" by Gretchen Rubin, I absolutely loved the book and the way she writes. She spends a whole year doing things to make herself happier. If you want a book to help you improve yourself without it feeling like a self help book this is for you! This year I decided that I was going to start a Happiness project of my own.
January meant a fresh start for 2013 and I wanted to start off by getting organized. My goals were to:
Be more on top of the laundry
write a sentence a day in my journal
Find everything a "home"
Sort stuff and make a trip to the storage unit
Do a ten minute "tidy-up" at night
I failed miserably at the ten minute "tidy-up" because while I'm at work Justin straightens up the living room and I didn't have much left to do. Instead I adopted another of Gretchen Rubin's commandments to never procrastinate any task that takes less than a minute to accomplish. It has been hard to follow that rule when I have nearly perfected procrastinating. I find myself saying "will it take less than a minute" and then grudgingly doing it.

Gretchen Rubin does something new every month but always adds it on top of the previous month instead of replacing it. I won't always be on top of everything but I hope to enjoy getting things in order and taking care of myself a little more this year.

 Every February I take on a challenge, first it was a picture a day and then a slow cooker recipe a week. This year I am going to do one crafty project a week and blog it too! I already have two of my projects picked out and can't wait to make them!!!


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