Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thanksgiving in California: The Food!

The day before Thanksgiving Grandma, Jill and I were up late making pie crusts while Brent and Justin played basketball. With all of the fun of the day catching up with them we found Sydney, Ben, and Wil crashed on the couches.

As our final project before Thanksgiving Day, Jill and I were assigned to cut up vegetables for the vegetable tray. Since we can't leave well enough alone we decided that our veggies needed a little fun, and put them in the shape of a turkey!

To start off our day of thanks we went to a park so that Justin could take part in the age old tradition of the Turkey Bowl! He was able to play with Taylor Holland, and Bruce Kennison along with some other great guys.

Justin sure loves to run around! especially when it involves chasing a ball.

JJ was having fun crawling around in the grass and playing on the sidelines.

JJ and I got to spend some time in the sun with Marinda Kennison too!

Our next stop on Thanksgiving was Tri City Park for some family pictures. Here are a few behind the scenes shots I took before we get to the awesome ones John Fredette took (Justin's Uncle)

If you live in southern California (especially Chino Hills) check out John's website and have him take some pictures for you! Photo's courtesy of John Fredette Photography!

This one is my favorite!

Justin likes this one.

Our little family! I can't believe he got a picture with us all smiling and looking!


The two cousins playing on the slide after pictures

JJ loves to swing!
After taking pictures we headed to Jamba Juice of a quick smoothie before heading over to Pepere and Memere Doris' house (Laurie-ann's mom and dad)

Justin, Michael and Becky enjoying some quality time together.

JJ and I before our first Thanksgiving feast.

I wanted a picture of the table eating, but JJ decided he wanted to smile for the picture

Aren't these two adorable?
Our Final stop for the day was my grandma's house. We gathered everyone we could and ate lots and lots of food.
No holiday is complete without Aunt Coy's homemade rolls

Our thanksgiving spread!

Jill REALLY loves aunt Coy's rolls!!!

JJ has his first bite of meat, turkey of course.

...and he likes it!

JJ and Justin visiting with Great Grandpa Darrell

Ben eating one of the cornacopia centerpieces, made from ice cream cones, chocolate and candy corn.

Sydney Irving and Emily Ferkin gave JJ a Mohawk.

JJ prepares his plan of attack for black friday
Thanksgiving was a crazy day but we were able to visit with lots of family, and eat WAY too much great food. At this time of year especially we are grateful for our Savior Jesus Christ and his sacrifice for us, for the opportunity we have to be together with our families forever. We are also grateful for our families and all the love and support they give to us. Last but not least we are grateful for our crazy, silly, smart, loving, adorable little man JJ.

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