Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thanksgiving in California: A Day At The Beach

First off I want to thank everyone who reads the blog, we got our 5,000th page view today!
 (maybe not that exciting for you but I'm stoked!)
Every time we travel back to California we try to make a pilgrimage out to Ruby's on the Huntington Beach Pier, where Justin and I went on our first date, and where he proposed. This trip we went to Ruby's with Laurie-ann, Ed, Mike, Jolie and Makua.

JJ enjoyed eating the menu while we waited for our food.

This is the spot (or very near the spot) Justin asked me to marry him, one of the best decisions I ever made was saying yes.

While we were on the pier we passed by a store selling kites and windmills of sorts. JJ got the rainbow colored one thanks to Memere and Grandpa. (p.s. I totally love this picture!)

How could we go to the beach and not put JJ's feet in the water! he didn't really seem to mind it although the water was pretty cold.

Oh how I love those tiny toes!

Jolie and Memere swinging Makua in the waves. Makua had a blast playing in the water, he even took off hi shirt and got all the way in!

Uncle Mike was having a great time making JJ bust up laughing

Later that night we went over to the Holland's house for games and rice crispy treats. Bruce and Marinda Kennison came over to play too! We played this awesome game that Janae made. It's kind of like Sorry with a few other rules.


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