Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Thanksgiving in California: Part one

Hello friends,

I know you have been anxiously awaiting my return to the blogger world! We had a few hiccups with the blog not allowing me to upload photos after my last post, and lets get real the reason you read is the adorable pictures inbetween the words. Right?

For Thanksgiving we were able to go to California! it was wonderful and crazy all wrapped into one week. We drove to California after Justin got off work and arrived there around 5 or so in the morning. Driving through the night is not fun at all, although JJ slept most of the time.

JJ really enjoyed sitting on daddy's lap and pretending to drive on our breaks.

When we first got to my Grandma's house everyone gave JJ his space so he could warm up but soon after he was smiling and being bombarded by love.
Sydney got to cuddle JJ while reading a book.
Later on that day we went to Wil's soccer games and had a blast cheering him on!

To cap off our first night we went to dinner at a great mexican restaurant in La Habra. At the restaurant they make fresh corn and flour tortilla chips, YUM! The boys had a ton of fun laughing and telling stories just like old times.

And of course me and my little "sister" were reunited!

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  1. Madi-JJ is ADORABLE!!! Gosh, it was so nice to see Jill, Brent, Syd, Ben and Wil's pictures too....I miss them. I bet they loved their time with JJ (and you and Justin too of course :) Thanks for updated blog, I love your creativity on here and completely understand the little one taking your time from updating :)